Good gift, Bad gift

It’s time for that annual holiday ritual of picking out the wrong gift to give a girl! I mean, it’s not that guys don’t try, but maybe they just need a little help. You’ve seen them, wandering the mall with their eyes glazed over.

“May I help you?”


I kid because I love. And I really don’t need another power drill this year. Hint, hint. Or, tell him exactly what you do want and in what size and color. Unless you’d rather be surprised. In that case, have fun cutting your fruitcake with that set of Ginsu knives.

Hence the game I’ve been playing with you this week, Good gift/Bad gift. Good or Bad? You be the judge.

  1. Bulk cleaning supplies
  2. Diamonds
  3. Cubic Zirconia (keep in mind we may need to cut glass)
  4. iPhone 7 (most wanted gift this year)
  5. Weight loss gift certificate
  6. Fitbit fitness tracker
  7. Anti-wrinkle cream
  8. Prada handbag
  9. Flannel feet pajamas with a trap door in the back
  10. Appliances
  11. A brand name perfume
  12. Chia pet
  13. A re-gift
  14. Something he wanted, but is pretending is for you…

“Oh honey, you really shouldn’t have!”

  1. Lots of love and special time spent reveling in the joyful spirit of the holidays!

Seasons Greetings!