MAX LIST: Top 10 TV Theme Songs of All Time

The definitive list of the best TV theme songs (remember them?) of all time. We’re sure you’ll agree. Or not.

10. WKRP in Cincinnati

You didn’t think we’d miss this one, did you? We ARE a radio station!


Honorary Mention – WKRP in Cincinnati (Closing Theme)

Nobody knows the lyrics to this song.


9. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Ladies and gentleman…introducing Will Smith.


8. The Dukes of Hazzard

Good luck getting this song out of your head after a listen.



7. Sanford and Son

Sometimes words aren’t necessary.


6. The Brady Bunch

So that’s what the show is about…


5. Happy Days

How can you hear this and not think of the Fonz?


4. The Flintstones

Best cartoon theme of all time?


3. Cheers

Where everyone knows your name. Assuming it’s Norm or Cliff.


2. The Muppet Show

The ending changed every week based on what note Gonzo tried (and failed) to play.


  1. The Jeffersons

Movin’ on up to #1!