Are you a cat person? If so it might say this about you…

  • If you own a cat, you’re more likely to cheat, it’s been revealed
  •, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, surveyed 1,000 of their members, with 26% owning cats
  • The second most adulterous pet owners were home to rabbits (17%)
  • They were followed by reptile owners (15%) and rodents (12%)
  • Unsurprisingly, the most faithful pet owners were home to man’s best friend, with just 7% of all respondents owning a dog

Suspicious that your partner might be cheating? Forget checking their emails, tracing their footsteps or stalking their social media feeds, but do be wary if they own a cat.

That’s because cat owners are officially the most adulterous pet owners in the country., the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, found that over a quarter of 1,000 of its members own cats, making them by far the most adulterous pet owners.

The survey found that you’d also be inclined to be wary if your significant other owns a rabbit, with 17% of all respondents home to the pet perhaps best known for its virility.

15% owned reptiles, such as lizards and snakes, while as many as 12% owned a rodent of some kind, such as a hamster, gerbil or mouse; 9% of respondents are home to fish.

As for man’s best friend? Unsurprisingly, dog owners are officially the most faithful pet owners – just 7% of all respondents owned a dog.

Spokesperson for, Christian Grant, explains:

“It’s often been said that a person reflects the traits of their animal, so is it any surprise to see cats top the list?

“The jury has always been out on whether cats genuinely love their human companions, or whether their loyalty lies with whoever can best satisfy their stomachs.

“Simply put, cats will follow whoever can best satisfy their needs, no matter how long they’ve been with a particular human.

“It’s also no surprise to see rabbits, who have a pretty notorious reputation for their powers of reproduction, and reptiles such as snakes – not exactly known for their loyalty – closely follow cats.

“On the other hand, has there ever been any doubt about the loyalty of a dog?

“Their love is and always has been unconditional, and those qualities are often reflected in their owners. Simply put, if you want trust, love and a bond that’s almost unbreakable, marry a dog owner.”

Most Adulterous Pet Owners:

1. Cat (26%)

2. Rabbit (17%)

3. Reptile (15%)

4. Other/no pet (14%)

5. Rodent (12%)

6. Fish (9%)

7. Dog (7%)



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