80s Throwback Artist of the Day!

80s Throwback artist of the day

Starting Monday, April 9th, here’s how to win:

1. Listen live to 105.7 MAX FM every day while you work.

2. Each weekday, we’ll play a song by the 80s Throwback Artist of the Day at 8:40am, 9:40am, 12:40pm, and 4:40pm.

3. Be the 25th caller to 858-455-1057 and instantly win $250. On Fridays, win $500!


80s Artist of the Day Schedule

Here’s the list of 80s Throwback Artists you should be listening for each day:

Monday 4/9: Blondie
Tuesday 4/10: Duran Duran
Wednesday 4/11: Pat Benatar
Thursday 4/12: Michael Jackson
Friday 4/13: Bruce Springsteen ($500 Fridays!)

Monday 4/16: Bryan Adams
Tuesday 4/17: The Cars
Wednesday 4/18: Journey
Thursday 4/19: Madonna
Friday 4/20: Billy Joel ($500 Fridays!)

Monday 4/23: Hall & Oates
Tuesday 4/24: Prince
Wednesday 4/25: John Mellencamp
Thursday 4/26: Phil Collins
Friday 4/27: Elton John ($500 Fridays!)

Monday 4/30: Bon Jovi
Tuesday 5/1: Billy Idol
Wednesday 5/2: Tears For Fears
Thursday 5/3: Cyndi Lauper
Friday 5/4: Aerosmith ($500 Fridays!)

Monday 5/7: The Police
Tuesday 5/8: Queen
Wednesday 5/9: Madonna
Thursday 5/10: U2
Friday 5/11: Eagles ($500 Fridays!)

Monday 5/14: Michael Jackson
Tuesday 5/15: Journey
Wednesday 5/16: Huey Lewis & The News
Thursday 5/17: Prince
Friday 5/18: Pat Benatar ($500 Fridays!)


80s Throwback Artist of the Day Rules: 

1. Description of Contest. The contest begins on April 9, 2018 and ends on May 18, 2018. The Station will promote an Artist of the Day for each weekday. On each weekday at approximately 8:40am, 9:40am, 12:40pm and 4:40pm the Station will play a song by the Artist of the Day and attempt to award a cash prize to the 25th caller. Monday through Thursday, each cash award will be $250.00 and on Friday, each cash award will be $500.00. Songs by the Artist of the Day that are played at times other than designated above are not eligible for cash prizes.
2. Eligibility and Limitations per station: Participants and winner(s) must be U.S. residents at least 18 years old as determined by the Company, residing in the San Diego metropolitan area. For the complete list of rules, click 80s Throwback of the Day Rules.



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