Max Out My Class- Challenger Middle

Here is this weeks max out my class entry letter.

Please accept my nomination of my daughter’s 6th grade science teacher, Mr. Daniel Cook, for the Mission Federal MAX OUT Award:

Mr. Cook is the 6th grade science teacher at Challenger Middle School. He deserves to be recognized with the MAX OUT award for several reasons. First off

is the important role he plays as a teacher to every incoming 6th grader. He is the gateway as kids transition from elementary school into the crazy world of middle school. Because of his positive attitude and inviting personality, my daughter, along with all the other 6th graders, feel welcome and excited to come to school.

Furthermore, Mr. Cook has a way of making science fun for his students. My daughter was very nervous about having a science class all on its own but now is

confident about the subject and is coming home using scientific verbiage to describe the activities that they did in class that day. Finally, Mr. Cook deserves

the Mission Federal MAX OUT award because he loves his work and it shows. Kids are very perceptive. They can feel if a teacher is passionate about what they are teaching and take that feeling on as their own. It is exciting to see my daughter talking about science and her favorite teacher, Mr. Cook. He is truly an extra

special teacher!

Thank you!



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