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Friday July 20th

Q: 37% of people surveyed said if money was no object they would do this. What is it?

A: Go on a safari

Thursday July 19th

Q: 15% of all people have let a neighbor do this. What is it?

A: Borrow their vehicle

Wednesday July 18th

Q: According to a survey, this is the most popular summer vacation activity. What is it?

A: Shopping

Tuesday July 17th

Q: You’ll find these in the kitchens of more than 40% of American households. What is it?

A: Chopsticks

Monday July 16th

Q: After a bad day, 7% of all people say this is their favorite thing to do. What is it?

A: Eating mac & cheese

Friday July 13th

Q: About 11% of adults thought this was gross as kids and still think it is now. What?

A: Seeing their parents kiss

Thursday July 12th

Q: 25% of American adults have never been inside this place. What is it?

A: The next door neighbor’s house

Wednesday July 11th

Q: 39% of all people admit that this is one of the first things they do immediately following a breakup. What is it?

A: Change their social media profile picture

Tuesday July 10th

Q: Only 15% of people over the age of 40 do THIS before eating. What is it?

A: Take a picture of their food

Monday July 9th

Q: 83% of people hate it when their neighbors do this in the morning. What is it?

A: Rev their car engine

Thursday July 5th

Q: Only 2% of people in the world can claim to be one of these. What is it?

A: A Natural Blonde

Tuesday July 3rd

Q: These have been found to be accurate about 25% of the time.  What is it?

A: Fortune Cookies

Monday July 2nd

Q: The average person does this by 11am every day. What is it?

A: Swears

Friday June 29th

Q: For women, it’s 22. For men, it’s 25. What is it?

A: The number of people they kissed before finding “the one”.

Thursday June 28th

Q: 69% of all adults admit to doing this in elevators. What is it?

A: Pushing an already lit button

Wednesday June 27th

Q: The average age of this item in U.S. homes is almost 2 years old. What is it?

A: Salad dressing

Tuesday June 26th

Q: According to a study, this makes us order unhealthy food when dining out. What is it?

A: Loud Music

Monday June 25th

Q: We spend close to 1 hour doing this each day. What is it?

A: Eating

Friday June 22nd

Q: Most people have about 150 of these at home but only use around 15 of them. What is it?

A: TV Channels

Thursday June 21st

Q: On average, we have 19 of these. What?

A: Passwords

Wednesday June 20th

Q: 27% of us say this was our last big money purchase. What is it?

A: Mattress

Tuesday June 19th

Q: 38% of Americans say THIS makes them feel better about themselves. What is it?

A: Getting LIKES on Facebook

Monday June 18th

Q: 54% of people say they regretted making THIS big purchase. What is it?

A: An engagement ring

Friday June 15th

Q: Over 55% of us say it’s been over 8 years since we’ve done this. What?

A: Use a payphone

Thursday June 14th

Q: 3/4 of people do this and are often embarrassed if they get caught. What is it?

A: Sing in the car

Wednesday June 13th

Q: Experts say you shouldn’t let your kids do this alone until they’re 7.  What is it?

A: Brush their teeth

Tuesday June 12th

Q: Men consume 79% of this product. What is it?

A: Potato Chips

Monday June 11th

Q: On average, we eat THIS for lunch 50 times each year. What is it?

A: Nothing

Friday June 8th

Q: 12% of all people say they consider this one of the most magical moments of their life. What is it?

A: Passing their drivers test

Thursday June 7th

Q: 69% of people have done this despite knowing there’s a risk. What is it?

A: Eating expired food

Wednesday June 6th

Q: 77% of us do this while food shopping. What is it?

A: Buy gum or candy in the checkout line

Tuesday June 5th

Q: In a recent survey, 39% of respondents said this is on their bucket list. What is it?

A: A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Monday June 4th

Q: This could be said for about 10% of pets. What is it?

A: They have a social media page.

Thursday May 31st

Q: Almost 20% of employees say they’d be more productive and wouldn’t goof as much at work if they had this. What is it?

A: A better boss

Wednesday May 30th

Q: You’re more likely to do this in your 50’s, than in your 20’s. What is it?

A: Sleep in the nude

Tuesday May 29th

Q: When it comes to the way employees dress for work, this is one fashion no-no that drives employers nuts.

A: Clothes that are wrinkled or aren’t ironed

Friday May 25th

Q: 39% of all people agree that this is their favorite reason to go to work. What is it?

A: Office Gossip

Thursday May 24th

Q: A majority of men say they hate shopping for this the most. What is it?

A: Furniture

Wednesday May 23rd

Q: Americans travel about 1.2 billion miles per year on this mode of transportation. What is it?

A: Elevators

Tuesday May 22nd

Q: 7 out of 10 people say they have to do this every time because their significant other never will. What is it?

A: Say “I’m sorry”

Monday May 21st

Q: 32% of all people have lied to a friend to avoid this. What is it?

A: Helping them move

Friday May 18th

Q: 75% of people said that dad is the better choice than mom when it comes to teaching this. What is it?

A: Riding a bike

Thursday May 17th

Q: 8% of people say they have never used one of THESE and NEVER plan to in the future. What is it?

A: Porto-Potty

Wednesday May 16th

Q: Almost half of Americans have more than one of these. What is it?

A: Jobs

Tuesday May 15th

Q: In a recent survey, close to 25% of couples say they don’t do this anymore. What is it?

A: Sleep in the same bed

Monday May 14th

Q: When asked “What talent do you wish you had?” 13% said THIS.

A: Dancing

Friday May 11th

Q: Over 57% of couples say they’ve argued about this in the kitchen. What is it?

A: The dishwasher/dishes

Thursday May 10th

Q: This works best at dusk and dawn but is the worst at 2pm. What is it?

A: Eyesight

Wednesday May 9th

Q: There are only about 100,000 of these in the U.S. And 20% of them are in New York City. What?

A: Payphones

Tuesday May 8th

Q: 93% of American homes have one of these in the kitchen. What is it?

A: A bottle of ketchup

Monday May 7th

Q: According to a survey, 35% of us feel guilty each time we do this. What is it?

A: Go on a vacation

Friday May 4th

Q: About 14% of new parents have admitted to falling asleep here. Where is it?

A: In the shower

Thursday May 3rd

Q: 33% of men don’t know this about their significant other. What is it?

A: Their favorite flower

Wednesday May 2nd

Q: According to a survey, 25% of parents have one of these. What is it?

A: A favorite child

Tuesday May 1st

Q: 95% of us have one of these but most never clean it. What is it?

A: A vacuum

Monday April 30th

Q: You are 20% more likely to do this when staying at a hotel than you are at home. What is it?
A: Walk outside naked

Friday April 27th

Q: Women are 5 times more likely to be successful at this than men. What is it?

A: Online Dating

Thursday April 26th

Q: 80% of people say when at home they do not like the sound of this. What is it?

A: A door knock

Wednesday April 25th

Q: The average person will eat this twice as often as an adult than as a kid. What is it?

A: Yogurt

Tuesday April 24th

Q: A recent survey declared this the most popular breakfast cereal. What is it?

A: Honey Nut Cheerios

Monday April 23rd

Q: Americans throw away $62 million worth of these a year. What is it?

A: Coins

Friday April 20th

Q: 60% of all people have a fear of this common household item. What is it?

A: The garbage disposal   

Thursday April 19th

Q: 50% of people say this should be banned from offices. What is it?

A: Yoga pants

Wednesday April 18th

Q: Typically, the more education you receive, the larger THIS becomes. What is it?

A: Your signature

Tuesday April 17th

Q: According to a survey 30% of us have lost one of these on vacation. What is it?

A: A Tooth

Monday April 16th

Q: 50% of married couples said they refuse to share this with their partner. What is it?

A: Dessert

Friday the 13th! (of April)

Q: On average, most people have almost 40 of these. What is it?

A: Online accounts

Thursday April 12

Q: THIS happens almost 6,000 times a day in the US. What is it?

A: Someone gets married

Wednesday April 11

Q: The average time for THIS to occur is between 5pm-6pm on Friday. What is it?

A: Road Rage

Tuesday April 10

Q: Over 30% of wives wish their husbands would do this more often. What is it?

A: Hold their hand

Monday April 9

Q:  73% of people carry THIS with them all the time. What is it?

A:  A pen

Friday April 6

Q: This is the second worst thing to wear to a job interview. What is it?

A: A hat

FYI: The worst thing to wear is clothes that don’t fit

Thursday April 5

Q: 38% of people would take a pay cut if they could do this.

A: Take their pet to work

Wednesday April 4

Q: 10% of cars in the U.S. have THIS in common.

A: The “Check Engine Light” is on

Tuesday April 3

Q: People on average weigh 5 pounds more if they have this. What is it?

A: A spouse

Monday April 2

Q: About 2/3 of women have dumped a guy because he did too much of this. What?

A: Complaining

Friday March 30

Q: On average, this lasts for 4 days. What?

A: A diet

Thursday March 29

Q: Almost 70% of us have one in our car, but we never use it.  What?

A: Cassette player

Wednesday March 28

Q: According to a survey, 80% of us eventually fail at THIS. What is it?

A: Being a vegetarian

Tuesday March 27

Q: Those who do this for just 30 seconds a day take 30% less sick days. What is it?

A: Take a cold shower

Monday March 26

Q: 25% of people are addicted to eating this. What is it?

A: Cucumbers.

Friday March 23

Q: In the next 3 hours, 10.2 million of these will be purchased. What is it?

A: Pizzas

Thursday March 22

Q: The average man uses two, but the average woman uses four. What is it?

A: Pillows

Wednesday March 21

Q: More than 700 of these sell in 10 seconds.  What is it?

A:  McDonald’s hamburgers

Tuesday March 20

Q: 42% of people said they were happier when they stopped doing this. What is it?

A: Going on Facebook

Monday March 19

Q: 33% of all people say they feel embarrassed when purchasing this. What is it?

A: Purchasing weight loss shakes

Friday March 16

Q: A new survey found that 30% of us do THIS while we are in a store. What is it?

A: Shop online

Thursday March 15

Q: 1 in 3 people say they can’t do THIS

A: Snap their fingers

Wednesday March 14

Q: 25% of married couples say their 1st fight was about THIS. What is it?

A: How to do laundry

Tuesday March 13

Q: Only about 20% of college students possess this skill. What is it?

A: Writing in cursive!

Monday March 12

Q: The average person knows 5 of these by heart , what is it?

A: Recipes

Friday March 9

Q: On any given day of the week 20% of us will forget WHAT?

A: What day of the week it is.

Thursday March 8

Q: A new survey says 20% of people have been in an accident here. Where is it?

A: A parking lot

Wednesday March 7

Q: 47% of married men say this is their least favorite thing to do. What is it?

A: Watching chick-flicks

Tuesday March 6

Q: Just under 20% of adults say THIS is the last thing they do before getting into bed

A: Make sure the door is locked

Monday March 5

Q: In a recent survey, nearly 70% of people say having one of these helps them stay fit.  What is it?

A: A Dog

Friday March 2

Q: According to a study, almost all people over  100-years-old do THIS

A: Start their day with a good breakfast.

Thursday March 1

Q: 56% of people do this while shopping. What is it?

A: Eat

Wednesday February 28

Q: The average person will use this about 2,000 times before replacing it. What?

A: A coffee mug

Tuesday February 27

Q:  The majority of us think it would be weird if our older mom did this.

A:  Dated someone our age

Monday February 26

Q: Just 1/3 of American homes have one.  What?

A: A Welcome mat.

Friday February 23

Q: Coffee is the most recognizable smell. What’s second?

A: Peanut Butter

Thursday February 22

Q: The average couple gets together to do this about three times a week.  What?

A: Google something

Wednesday February 21

Q: 10% of people hide money in this. What is it?

A: Shoes

Tuesday February 20

Q: If you’re over 40 there’s a 75% chance you have one. If you’re under 40 there’s a 75% chance you don’t. What is it?

A: A Phone Book

Monday February 19

Q: Just under 40% they always go to the same place for this. What is it?

A: A hair cut

Friday February 16

Q: 60% of women know how to do this “guy thing”. What is it?

A: Tie a necktie

Thursday February 15

Q: On average, people forget to do this five times a month. What is it?

A: Wear deodorant

Wednesday February 14

Q: 39% of woman in a recent Yahoo study said they do this without their partners knowing it.

A: Adjust the thermostat

Tuesday February 13

Q: You can spell out all of the numbers from 0-999 before you would need to use this common letter.

A: A

Monday February 12

Q: The average man uses two, but the average woman uses four. What is it?

A: Pillows

Friday February 9

Q: There’s a one in 10 chance that a grain of rice grown in the U.S. will be used in WHAT?

A: Beer

Thursday February 8

Q: When it come to technology, 8% of us have never done this.

A: Send an E-mail

Wednesday February 7

Q: Almost 70% of pet owners have done this for their pet.

A: Signed their name to a greeting card.

Tuesday February 6

Q: About 60% of people in the world will never see this.

A: Snow

Monday February 5

Q: Teenagers spend 6% of their money on this. What is it?

A: Concert Tickets

Friday February 2

Q: 24% fewer kids do this than they did a decade ago. What is it?

A: Play Baseball

Thursday February 1

Q: What is the item left behind most often in hotel rooms?

A: Phone Charger

Wednesday January 31

Q: 30% of people have done this at least once in their life. What is it?

A: Dye their hair

Tuesday January 30

Q: One in four men say that they’ve lost this. What is it?

A: Their wedding ring

Monday January 29

Q: About 25% of parents have done this at least once. What is it?

A: Forget their child’s birthday

Friday January 26

Q: 33% of people do this before they take a picture. What is it?

A: Floss!

Thursday January 25

Q: This is the #1 in your home that we all have too many of. What is it?

A: Coat hangers

Wednesday January 24

Q:  On average, we do this 18 times a day. What is it?

A:  Laugh!

Tuesday January 23

Q: This is the biggest reason girls breakup with their boyfriends. What is it?

A: His mother

Monday January 22

Q: If you’re an average American, you’ll do this 20 times today at your house, What is it?

A: Open the fridge door!

Friday January 19

Q: We waste a billion dollars worth of these every year. What?

A: Gift Cards

Thursday January 18

Q: Over 30% of adults have used their kids as an excuse to buy this for themselves. What is it?

A: Chocolate Milk

Wednesday January 17

Q: In the 80’s two-thirds of American teens had one of these. Now only one-third do. What is it?

A: A summer job

Tuesday January 16

Q: Almost 75% of men agree they sleep better with this. What?

A: A Dog

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