Off The Double-Entendre Deep End

In 1992, Madonna appeared in the movie A League of Their Own; and released her fifth studio album Erotica, along with an explicit coffee table book Sex. Erotica incorporates her alter ego Mistress Dita, inspired by actress Dita Parlo. Madonna promoted Erotica on the Girlie Show World Tour.

During the recording session of Erotica, Madonna and producer Shep Pettibone worked on “This Used to Be My Playground,” the soundtrack single of A League of Their Own. It became Madonna’s tenth Hot 100 chart-topper, making her the female artist with the most US number-one singles at the time.

And way down here with a Parental Advisory sticker on it is the official Erotica video. MTV played it in heavy rotation, but only after midnight.

That’s the version I’ll play when I go off the Deep End and give away tickets to see A League of Their Own at Rooftop Cinema. Name it and win at 5:40, but shhh…don’t tell the boss.



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